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"Stra· te· gic (str&-'tE-jik) adjective 2 c : of great importance within an integrated whole or to a planned effect” -- Webster’s Dictionary

We engage our clients in constructive, forward-thinking dialogue. We help them make informed decisions and guide them toward actions that will lead to the desired end result. Our overarching goal is to strengthen our clients’ position in the market.

How do we do this?

We focus on long-term goals while addressing near-term issues.

We know our clients’ businesses and we understand Wall Street – and how the Street will react to myriad situations, giving us clear insight into the likely impact potential decisions and actions would have on perceptions.

We think one step ahead.

We are decisive in our recommendations.

We draw heavily on our deep knowledge base, which we continuously build through due diligence, competitive assessments, financial modeling and analysis, and perception audits.

Where can In-Site’s counsel add value?

  • Corporate positioning
  • Disclosure decisions
  • Event timing
  • Policy guidance
  • Q&A preparation
  • Approaching the equity and debt markets
  • Anywhere a well-crafted, strategic response or appropriate course of action are required